Conference: “Between medical collections and their audiences” (EAMHMS Congress, London, September 4th – 6th 2014)

The European Association of Museums of the History of Medical Sciences Congress biennial meeting will be held in London, September 4th – 6th 2014, jointly hosted between the Science Museum, the Royal College of Surgeons (Hunterian Museum) & the Wellcome Collection.

The theme for the 2014 Congress is ‘Between medical collections and their audiences’. The EAMHMS would like to invite the members of the association, as well as interested scholars and curators from the community of medical history collections and museums to participate in the next meeting of the organisation – London 2014.

The EAMHMS is an active global network of curators, scholars & stakeholders with an interest in medical collections. The biennial Congress is a great opportunity to present research within a vibrant forum of debate and discussion, and promotes international exchange and collaboration amongst medical history museums. The Association, although nominally European, today attracts participation from around the world and is thus the leading international body of medical museums and collections.

The 2014 Congress will focus on medical collections and audiences – looking at how medical heritage is used to intrigue, problematise, teach, and stimulate interaction and reflection about medicine of the past and of today. Who engages with our collections and which new audiences are we innovating ways to engage with? Our visitors are not passive spectators, but rather participants in the creating of and telling of stories about medical heritage – so what does that mean for the future of curating medical collections & displays?

EAMHMS Membership Information

The European Association of Museums of the History of Medical Sciences an international association to facilitate communication and exchange within the community of medical collections and museums. Principal objectives of the Association include sharing and discuss-ing ideas and experiences in dealing with ob-jects and collections and developing exhibitions in the fields of medical history and medical sciences.

The Association meets every other year for a larger congress to address issues of common concern, to present results of research in our receptive collections and museums, and to pro-mote international exchange and collaboration among medical history museums. In the in-bet-ween-years an Association workshop is organiz-ed focusing on practical problems and concerns in dealing with objects and collections.

The Association, although nominally European, today attracts participation from all over the world. Membership fees are 35 Euro for indi-viduals and 70 Euro for institutions.

For further information please contact
Best regards, Jim Edmonson/Secretary General and Thomas Schnalke/President EAMHMS

Conference venue & dates

“Between medical collections and their audiences”. EAMHMS Congress, London, September 4th – 6th 2014. Science Museum, Royal College of Surgeons of England, Wellcome Collection.

Conference Program

Click here to see the conference program.

Invitation to EAMHMS General Assembly, 4 September 2014, London

Dear Members of the European Association of Museums of the History of Medical Sciences (EAMHMS)!

In case you are joining us for the 17th EAMHMS biennial congress in London (4-6 September 2014), we would like to invite you to participate in the forthcoming General Assembly of our organization.

The General Assembly will take place within the London EAMHMS conference program on Thursday, 4 September at 5.45 pm at the conference venue of the day, Fellows Room in the London Science Museum.

This will be our preliminary agenda:

  • 1. Issues and perspectives. The situation of EAMHMS today
  • 2. Members and Membership
  • 3. Finances and Treasurer
  • 4. Website
  • 5. Newsletter
  • 6. Next Congress (2016)
  • 7. Next Workshop (2015)
  • 8. Varia

We would be very happy, if you could participate in this important meeting to strengthen and further the structures and goals of our Association.

30 August 2014

Jim Edmonson, Secretary General (EAMHMS) and Thomas Schnalke, President (EAMHMS)